April Aerie News




 Aerie President’s Message:  Welcome to our new members.  Every new member should come in and meet our members, it would be a fun for you and the rest of us.


March offered some terrific food at a very reasonable price.  April will be no exception. Check your calendar for upcoming events.


Our volunteers are some of the best cooks ever! They put on meals for a lot of people and they should be thanked by every member that has had the privilege of eating at our Aerie.


Again, thanks to all the volunteers, without them we would not be open. President, Lee Rice


From Your Secretary:  Your Dues are Now   DELINQUENT! Non-payers will be dropped and you will have to re-apply to be reenrolled at an extra fee of $15.00.

Nomination of Officers– Nominations will be held April 28th at the regular Meeting at 10 am.  All Positions are open. Dick Gulvas

 Welcome New Members: Jeff Streeter; Charles Barbeau; Roger Metzgar; Walter Lerczak; Ralph Beck; John Andros; Charles Owens



April 6th 

The Queen will be drawn.  This is the final night for this license.  Only the Queen of Diamonds wins.  We will continue to draw until she shows up.

The next Queen of Diamonds will be slightly different.  The new one will begin on the following Monday, April 13th at 7pm. License permitting


 Golfers: Not just yet, but hopefully by the next newsletter Wicker Hills will be open.

We will be starting at 10 am. (weather permitting and dry ground). See you all soon. Joe Bostek

Shuffleboard 2015—Our winners this season are 1st Place John and Barb Stayer.  Everyone had a great time and of course, the food was delicious ( thanks to our great cooks),  A special thanks to the Aerie for their hospitality.  Don & Aline Barnes



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Roger Houthoofd, Aerie Webmaster



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