December Aerie News


Aerie News

Aerie Presidentís Message: Merry Christmas to everyone...Remember our party on the 24th.from 6pm to 8pm. All Aeries and bars must close at 8pm. We have a lot of events coming up like our New Yearís Eve party on the 31st. so check your newsletter. Welcome to our new members and new volunteers. It will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Thanks to everyone for a very good year. I especially want to thank the Trustees and Volunteers for making everything happen. Remember that Safety is our biggest concern for all. Drive carefully. President Lee Rice.


From your secretary:Dues Expire on January 31st.Please donít wait until the last minute, avoid the rush.


If you receive your newsletter via US Mail and have not paid the annual $5.00 fee, this will be your last newsletter.Dick Gulvas


Welcome New Members: Chris Miller, Dave Awe,

Ronald Schaffer, Paul Forkell, Allan Bernard,

Bill Sturgill, Joe Vicari, Fred Edgerton


Deceased Members: Floyd Fuller,

Ernest Provoast


Wimpys are back, with a new crew, a new date and time! Wimpys will be on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, from 5 until 7 pm.†† So come out and have one and enjoy some time with your friends. It will be hard to follow the old Wimpy crew, so just be patient.Thank you. Sherry

Jeff Hillís Benefit:I want to thank all that came out and helped raise money for Jeff.The total raised $1422.00.Thank you all very much.

Jullie Seeba


NEW YEARíS EVE PARTY -Bring in the new year at the Hale Eagles onDecember 30th.Club will be providing the chicken, bring a pot luck dish to pass. Dinner at 7 pm-Music will be 8 until Midnight


If you need to have something placed on the web page prior to or after the newsletter deadline, please send an email or call the Aerie at 989-728-4283


Roger Houthoofd, Aerie Webmaster



Newsletter Deadline20th of each month.†† If you want information in your newsletter, fill out a newsletter form (newsletter forms are located by the restrooms) or email me: