March Aerie News


Aerie Presidentís Message: Welcome to our new members.


Thanks again to our volunteers and all officers. February has really been a cold month.

We have our nominations for officers coming up in April and elections in May. I will keep you posted on that. It's very important getting involved in helping out and learning how our Aeries run.


We have 15 officers that are doing a superb job. They and a lot of other members have helped me out from the beginning. Without working together it would be a difficult thing to do.


We have lot of events coming up this month so watch your newsletter. Thank you for helping our Aeries. President, Lee Rice


From your secretary:†††††††† Nomination of Officers

Nominations will be held on April 28th at the Regular meeting at 10am.


All positions are open.We have close to a thousand members and every year we have a hard time filling openings. Some of you younger or new members think about it- give it a try- donít expect somebody else to step up every year.Most terms are only 1 year


Aerie and Auxiliary DUES are NOW PAST DUE.

This reminder, in the March newsletter, is being considered the Third notice. (First in the January Newsletter, Second was Mailed out). The Fourth reminder will be mailed out around April 5th. Pay your dues as soon as possible as Delinquent members will be dropped. Dick Gulvas, Secretary


Welcome New Members: John Yeska Jr; Doug OíConnell

Deceased Members: Ken Goodroe

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Robert Stevens


NOTICE:Taking bids for Lawn Services. Sealed Bids to be in by April 1, 2015. BOT

Hale Pool players have prevailed.Traveling trophy finds Hale its home for now.Match between West Branch and Hale will be at Hale FOE#4217 on March 1st at 1pm.Match between Tawas and Hale on March 15that 1pm in Tawas.


Chairperson and workers needed

††† for DecoratingCommittee.If interested contact Lee Rice



As of this Publication

Queen of Diamonds is still growing.†† Only a few weeks left. Come on in on Mondays and get in on the excitement.Winners are posted on the Queen of Diamonds board.

Up Coming Events

May 16 Ė Gun and Knife Show 9am-3pm


Saturday, May 23rd

Eagle Riderís Memorial Day Chicken Barbeque




If you need to have something placed on the web page prior to or after the newsletter deadline, please send an email to:

haleeagles4217@centurylnk.netor call the Aerie at 989-728-4283


Roger Houthoofd, Aerie Webmaster



Newsletter Deadline20th of each month.†† If you want information in your newsletter, fill out a newsletter form (newsletter forms are located by the restrooms) or email me: