August 2019 

Auxiliary News  


  1. Madam President Our auxiliary has been incredibly busy!  Donations from June’s dessert table were generous, and we thank you.  August’s Dessert table is for Scholarship(s).  Please bring your fabulous desserts in by 4pm on Fridays.  A special THANK YOU to those who make our desserts!


    Taco Monday began July 15 and was a resounding success!  Who knew tacos and nachos were so popular?  August 19 is our next Taco Monday, bring your appetite.


    Wednesday night Bingo jackpot is still there to be won….come pay to win!


    July 11 Blood drive netted 41 units, 6 rejects, & 2 double-reds.  We received an award for being third in the state with 210 units in 2018!


    We are having a school supply drive in August.  Deposit your contribution into the box in the community rood.  Please help those who don’t have the means to supply themselves.  Let’s all keep up the good work! Madam President, Krista Menser



Welcome New Members Lindsey Dobrzenski; Jeneane Frank; Barbara Gibson; Michele Powell; Sue Pullis; Melissa Srock; Arleen Sayan; Karen Bethune; Louise Knight; Colleen Beattie; Deanna Cox; Collette Koliboski; Maryjo McClellan


I would like to thank everyone that went on our Casino trip.  We had a completely full bus. Sorry if you were not able to get a seat, this was our first sell out in a long time.

We had a great time as usual and hope you will go on our next trip.  My motto is 1st paid gets the seats, so keep that in mind for the next trip.  The proceeds this year will go into the Auxiliary and Muscular Dystrophy next may.  For the past year we did wonderful for the Children with Diabetes Camp – we made $5000.00 and I submitted a request to the Grand Aerie for a matching grant and we received the total, so we gave the kids $10,000.  Thanks everyone for the wonderful year and all your support and help.  Thanks, Past Madam President- Lillian Murray



  1.   Don’t forget that we are still collecting BOX TOPS for Education!  Also, some bread wrappers have Spirit coupons that go to education.


    1. 30th Anniversary coffee mugs are available for $ 8.00



    QUEEN OF DIAMONDS-   New Queen raffle drawing @ 7pm

    1. Check club for food menu


 If you want to updated pictures from events, Please sent digital pictures to me.  Email to



5th Annual Memorial Day BBq proceeds go to Salvation Army. 

Money stays local.  Thank you to all who support our cause



Saturday September 7 – 

Hale Eagles #4217 vs Tawas Eagles Golf Outing

September 7th, 2019 at Wicker Hills Golf Club

$ person scramble, 18 holes, men, women, and mixed teams. 

$10 prize money (Non-refundable) $25.oo due at the course tee time 10am. – sign up at 9am. 

Lunch after golf at the Hale Eagles #4217. 

Let’s have a good time and show Tawas Eagles, we can golf!!! 

EAGLE MEMBERS ONLY.  Tom Earegood, chairperson



Newsletter Deadline 20th of each month.   If you want information in your newsletter, fill out a newsletter form (newsletter forms are located by restrooms) or email me:

AUXILIARY MOTTO: “ We strive unselfishly to live for Home, for Country, and for God