August 2019 

  Aerie News

Worthy President's Message:  I would like to thank all the volunteers, trustees and officers for all their hard work in putting on our polish festival.  Great Job everyone.

       We have The Day of the Blues festival coming up August 3rd, so come on out, have some bbq and get your blues on.

       I would also like to thank everyone who helped clean the kitchen.  It looks amazing. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  It sure is going quick. Honored to be your Worthy President, Matt Halstead


 Welcome New Members:  Michael Jones, David Dracka; Donald Hucul


Secretary: If you still have not paid your 2019/2020 Dues, you have already been dropped by the “Grand Aerie”.  Your continuous years are gone. 


      You can re-enroll for $35.00 dues PLUS $10.00 Late fee imposed by the Grand Aerie.


Your Aeire would welcome you back.  Please reconsider your options!. Dick Gulvas, Secretary


 If you want to see more pictures about our club and events I need digital pictures emailed to me.  Email to



30th Anniversary commemorative coffee mugs available- $8.00




QUEEN OF DIAMONDS-   Next Queen raffle drawing at 7pm

Check club for menu


5th Annual Memorial Day BBq proceeds go to Salvation Army. 

Money stays local. Thank you to all who support our cause



Saturday September 7 – Hale Eagles #4217 vs Tawas Eagles Golf Outing

September 7th, 2019 at Wicker Hills Golf Club

$ person scramble, 18 holes, men, women, and mixed teams. 

$10 prize money (Non-refundable) $25.oo due at the course tee time 10am. – sign up at 9am. 

Lunch after golf at the Hale Eagles #4217. 

Let’s have a good time and show Tawas Eagles, we can golf!!! 

EAGLE MEMBERS ONLY.  Tom Earegood, chairperson




Newsletter deadline is the 20th of each month.  Email me your info at: or drop your news in the newsletter drop box.

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